Framework Implementation

Stronger Security, Safer Digital Future

Why implement with a security framework?

A framework in cybersecurity is a system of standards, guidelines, and best practices for managing risks in a digital environment. A cybersecurity framework promotes a flexible, repeatable, and cost-effective approach to promoting your company’s protection and resilience.

Popular Security Frameworks

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the leading international standard focused on information security that was developed to help organizations, of any size or any industry, to protect their information in a systematic and cost-effective way, through the adoption of an Information Security Management System.


Payment card industry (PCI) compliance is mandated by credit card companies to help ensure the security of credit card transactions in the payments industry. Payment card industry compliance refers to the technical and operational standards that businesses follow to secure and protect credit card data provided by cardholders and transmitted through card processing transactions. PCI standards for compliance are developed and managed by the PCI Security Standards Council.



The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) was issued in January 2019 pursuant to Section 6 (a,c) of the NITDA Act 2007. The Regulation is the current national law on data protection in Nigeria. It applies to public and private sector processing of personal data within and outside Nigeria. The Regulation is aimed at protecting the right to privacy, creating the right environment for digital transactions, job creation and improving information management practices in Nigeria.


COBIT is defined as a framework that helps businesses to govern and manage the IT department within the organization. Implementing COBIT plays a crucial role in achieving business success. Applying COBIT has allowed various businesses to spend less on IT services secured internally by effective use of information technology. To achieve a balance between risk management and information technology governance, COBIT 5 framework has established five principles.