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Our products/solutions are reliable and affordable. We leverage on continuous R & D which gives us the ability to meet customers requirement no matter how stringent.
We help small, medium and big enterprise build their business technology in the most cost effective and professional manner.



Our APN Solution makes use of the most effective and efficient algorithm for your IoT / M2M projects.

Our Solution supports:

  • All forms of VPN / Tunneling protocols : GRE, IPSEC, L2TP, DMVPN, OPENVPN
  • Static and dynamic routing protocols : RIP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, VRF
  • Firewalls : ACL, SPI, Port Mapping.
  • Cellular Redundancy via SIM auto-failover.
  • IPSLA, etc.

Our firmware has been adapted to run all cisco commands thereby making integration into most network environment easy and fast.


24/7 365 Business Technology Support

Reliable support is at the core of every successful technology solution. With our adequately qualified and competent IT, Business, and Security support personnel, you can focus on the business side of things while we take care of your technology



GNOS is a firmware driven Cyber Security Solution that addresses the challenges associated with web and content filtering, IDS/IPS, link and protocol monitoring.


Corporate Information Security

Connectivity Solutions

Voice Services and
Omni-Channel call centre


Cloud and Hosting Services

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

IT and Network Support.

Few of our clients and Partners

Reliable APN-based M2M Solution

After a long shopping, we eventually came across this amazing APN solution that perfectly does dual-sim auto-failover. We never regretted signing on..

GNOS Customer Edge Platform

Excellent and affordable product.
It has helped us control our bandwidth usage and give us detailed visibility of which users on our networks goes where.
We have over 1,000 users running on this platform and it's pretty stable.


BTS3's IoT solution has so far offered the best performance and resilience for our M2M project. The CLI is fully compatible with our exisitng CSICO IOS commands thereby making integration and troubleshooting easiest amongst peers. We will definitely sign on Q1 2021 and hope for a lasting relationship

Enterprise e-Mail Hosting platform

Executive Contact Center / Technical Help Desk Set up
And Support

Setting up and supporting omni-channel contact center was a night mare for us for over 10 years. BTS3 came on board, set up and supported our contact centre. Today, we take contact center deals and partner with this great company to execute. What a professional people !

Dedicated Email Hosting

Various Solutions that bundle enterprise connectivity