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Let us connect your business one of our fastest ISPs across the Nigeria. We have worked with ISPs over years, know their strengths and weaknesses. Hence, we can advise on the best ISP for your business that guarantees maximum value for your money.


One of the greatest issues between an ISP and end customer is detailed bandwidth utilization. We can provide visibility as per the websites visited by each user or customer (in the case of an ISP), how much bandwidth they use, and also block web traffic as it applies to your business. This helps you manage your bandwidth and tailor usage to business critical web activities alone as well as avoid unnecessary back and forth with your ISPs


IT / End user support.
LAN/WAN configuration.
LAN/WAN Support.
Application Support.

Partner with us and get the maximum value for your money

Our products/solutions are reliable and affordable. Usually less than 50% of what competitors would offer. Our bt-Edge bandwidth management and control platform competes better than expensive products in the industry such as those from ALLOT, PROCERA and SOLAWIND. Our billing is flexible and we accept payments in part (Terms and Conditions apply)


Bandwidth Monitoring

Information Security
Service Consulting

Voice Services and
Omni-Channel call centre


Cloud Services

Business Solution

IT and Network Support.


We have a pool of experienced, certified, qualified expert resource that span across most areas of IT and IT-based businesses. Our application development team is top-notch. Our industry experience enables us t understand your business IT pain points and hence proffer solutions even before you notice. Our solutions are world-class, easy to use and affordable.

Few of our clients

Provider End Platform

GEDGE is a fantastic platform that has addressed our long pending need.
With its detailed granularity, we have resolved the usual utilization conflicts with our customers.
The web filtering, bandwidth quota and security features has enable us build a product line which is rare in the ISP industry where we play.
It is very affordable compared to competing products. Nice product, excellent support.

GNOS Customer Edge Platform

Excellent and affordable product.
It has helped us control our bandwidth usage and give us detailed visibility of which users on our networks goes where.
We have over 1,000 users running on this platform and it's pretty stable.

GNOS Provider End Platform

We had to merge with BTS3 to allow merging of expertise who really enhanced the capabilities of the legacy GNOS platform. We never regretted we did.